Lack of Posts

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So I’ve been too busy or too lazy to post here lately. Been working hard on various web applications at work and then just slacking and playing games or watching movies and TV shows when at home.

I saw V for Vendetta recently, I liked it quite a bit, probably would buy it on DVD when it comes out.

I’m also considering moving my blog to and making this domain something else, not sure what. Ideas? Debating starting my blog fresh to see if I can figure out typo’s issue on textdrive’s server. It doesn’t have the memory issues on my own computer so not sure what’s up.

Install PHP with Extensions Howto

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I decided to write up a post about how to compile & install PHP with support for using extensions to provide all the functionality instead of building everything in. Compiling in everything seems to be pretty common, with the windows PHP install using extensions to enable anything like mysql, pdo, curl, and more.

These instructions will apply to linux or OS X, where OS X has one minor problem which is with PDO, therefore if your doing this on OS X, compile PHP with PDO + PDO drivers you need instead of trying to install them as separate extensions.

If you have any comments, thoughts, or questions, feel free to comment or email me(You gotta look for my email :-P ).

Update: Soooo apparently majority of the extensions fail to even try to compile on OS X, the makefile isn’t generated properly so nothing compiles so nothing can be installed. I had to build in curl, pdo, and xsl since they failed to build separately. These all worked in debian linux.

Spore, Insane game

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So I just watched the gameplay video for Will Wright’s Spore which I recently saw linked on VGCats after my friend mentioned it. The level of depth in that game just seems too insane to be for real. I’m seriously hoping that will come out for mac right away or I’ll have to fetch me a PC to play that because that just looks like a load of fun.

Lightbox, super cool

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So I just implemented the usage of Lightbox on a work project since I wanted to make a full-image-viewer from clicking on thumbnails but did not want to have to go dig up the javascript for it etc. I then realized lightbox would be perfect since it’s usage on my blog. Lightbox isn’t anything new but it’s damn cool I must say. This just after being psyched about implementing Ajax-powered drag & drop on the same project, downside is the drag & drop doesn’t have a non-javascript method yet.

Of blues screen and hobbits

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So I've been periodically watching my recently acquired Return of the King Extended Edition and finally finished it tonight, and I can't tell if it's just all in my head, or if I really keep noticing blue screen in the movie. Just expect a recent movie like Lord of the Rings to not be able to notice blue screens in. Well ok so they're green now but anyway. Just noticed a few scenes that just seemed off like it was most likely a blue screen shot, but it's hard to say. I remember watching Star Wars recently and noticing how bad the blue screen effects were in those movies. You really don't notice that back when those were first out, or rather when I first saw them. Our level of expectation of special effects just keeps getting more demanding, sometimes kinda sucks when you can't help but notice shit like that in awesome old movies, usually it isn't a big deal but still, bit of a sore to the eyes sometimes. Oh well, another funny thing is I can't tell who the hell is Merry(sp?) and who the hell is Pippin in Lord of the Rings, I just for some reason not caught their names exactly to who they are. Even after watching the movies a couple times or so, you'd think I get it.

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