OmniGraffle to SQL, impatience and boredom overcome!

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Since I build websites for a living I'm always looking for anything that can improve what I do, make it easier and cooler. My current web framework of choice is definitely Ruby on Rails, has good documentation, easy to get the hang of and very powerful, not to mention I have a book on it. I've been looking for something to kick up my PHP web programming up a bit to make things easier. Currently I'm only using Savant2 which is just a template system, nothing fancy, but have been organizing code in a reasonable way and just writing my own "data object" class wrappers.

There's actually quite the slew of frameworks for PHP, from MVC frameworks to ORM frameworks but haven't found one that I really like. I've used Propel for ORM before but ended up getting in the way after a while. I've also looked at Mojavi for MVC a framework but seemed to lacking in documentation for me to get the hang of it fast enough to want to use it, it also hasn't had a new release. There's a slew of Rails-esque PHP frameworks that have propped up and haven't really given them a good chance, partly because some rely on rewrite rules which still don't know if we can use properly on our servers yet, config just isn't quite right yet. So I'm still curious about taking another quick look at Cake, Biscuit and PHPonTrax. PHPonTrax seemed the closest to rails on first impression, but I've only used it briefly, same with Cake. So maybe stay tuned as I might sometime actually really spend time and review each of the decent web frameworks for PHP. Seems like the biggest thing is that none of them have a strong enough drive and community behind them to make them great, not to mention documentation.

Qwerty the Kitten

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So I got my new kitten today, complete with a geeky name thanks to Alex. She's quite cute. So go to flickr and say hello to Qwerty the Kitten.

CUTE Kitten soon

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I put a cute kitten on hold at the Bangor Humane Society, she's fuzzy and bouncy. Will go back tomorrow to actually do the adoption stuff and then will actually get the kitty tuesday. Woohoo, been wanting a kitty. It's so tiny, can't wait. Hopefully nobody will take him before I go tomorrow. Excessively cute pictures to come on arrival of kitty, I apologize to haters of cute things like kittens, haha.

Vivendi shuts down BIG King's Quest fan game

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This is sad, from what it seems there's no reason for them shutting it down, beyond some possible trademark violations of name maybe. Digg descrption: An ambitious fan game, in development since 2000 and nearing completion has been shut down by Vivendi Universal Games (a.k.a Sierra Entertainment). King's Quest IX was to be an alternative ending to the popular King's Quest series. Some project stats: 40+ volunteer staff, 2000+ page script, 9 chapters, 450 characters, theme songs...

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