Pure CSS Tooltips in WebKit, woohoo

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So pure CSS Tooltips work in WebKit now, as of Feb 18th nightly. This is pretty cool because we’ve been using the pure css tooltips trick at work and it’s pretty slick, no javascript required. It hasn’t worked quite right in Safari, sometimes horribly so. But now it looks like it’ll at least work when Safari gets updated with latest WebKit whenever that may be. I’m also impressed at how fast the WebKit project fixed the bug I reported.

There appears to be another method to pure css tooltips that might be rendering in current Safari correctly though.

New theme, new features, yay

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So I upgraded the typo blog software running this to the latest ‘trunk’ version which has quite a few neat things. I also found a theme from the typogarden theme contest that I really liked, called A Mad Tea Party. I gotta go in and put a limit on the content CSS though, it is 100% width which is not working so well. Also a new thing is what’s called Lightbox which is quite the nifty thing for putting images from flickr(or elsewhere) into posts with a built-in full size view.

Zend Certified, officially framed!

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So I'm now definitely Zend Certified now that I got my framed certificate, seems kinda silly but kinda cool at the same time.

Unfair advantage... sorry 'bout that!

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So played way too much Halo 2 tonight, everybody I know was online or something, about 10 people all from UMaine, Steiners, etc. So we gamed up a lot and one of the games, I had an AWESOME game and just wanted to point it out since it was just insane.

See below… kills column… oooo sorry ‘bout that… see stats for more pain like 20 head shots and 33 medals.

Usually not the bragging type, just that was just an insane game, won’t happen again for sure.

Database migrations, ActiveRecord:Migration wannabe

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I just recently finished a ‘beta’ version of a ActiveRecord:Migration wannabe database schema migration system in PHP at work. It allows me to version the database schema/structure easily and allow for easy database structure updates when updating an install of a web app on some site. Eventually it could do downgrades like the rails version too but that’s not something I’ll worry about right away. It does function, isn’t as elegant as AR:Migration but it does the job which is pretty cool. It might join PHPFlash class as one of my most useful chunks of code.

MacBook Pro missing pieces

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This is lacus turpis, cursus egestas at sem.

- No modem (I wouldn’t care but some do, have to get USB one)

- No S-Video plug (I use this a lot, you have to get a DVI to video plug)

- No DVD+R DL burning like the PowerBook October ‘05 models

- No word on battery life, is it better? Thought it was supposed to be.

- No firewire 800? Well I don’t use it but only get 1 firewire 400 port instead

So I don’t feel as bad for having a outdated-in-3-months Powerbook anymore. They seem to have left some things out. We’ll see how they are with issues too later on, since first revisions can sometimes be rocky.

Intel 'PowerBook' already?

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I know it was rumored to be true, but part of me didn’t expect them to get a “Powerbook” or what’s now a “MacBook Pro” out until maybe Summer ‘06. But they now have a MacBook Pro which they claim is 4x faster than my current PowerBook.

I wonder how smooth they’ll be since Apple has had problems often with first revision of a lot of hardware. I don’t think it’s been too often though so this could easily probably go well. I do kind of wish I could upgrade to the new one, built-in iSight, possibly less crappy power cord, 4x faster, etc. My current machine is great, but always feel like you want the better one, specially if it’s only been 3 months since mine came out.

Also wondering if I should get iLife ‘06 when all I use is iPhoto and not all that frequently.

New Typo Theme I Might Use

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I like the winning Typo theme, which might be a bad thing to switch to in the sense that since it’s winning, everybody and their mom using Typo might switch to it. It looks quite nice, has a fluid mode, etc.: Origami Was first place in the typo theme contest.

Yay vacation

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So home for the break, just wanted to post. Hanging out with family, playing WoW with Kim and Dave some. Though Dave and I are bad and play more. Been playing the Auction house a bit to try and make money for my characters training needs and eventually mount needs. Apparently I hear from Alex that Qwerty and Zy are harassing each other. Or just playing roughly, not sure. Apparently jsut tiring each other out. Crazy kitties. Time to jet!

Delicious Library Translate

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I made a little program a while back that translates Delicious Library data file along with copying the cover images all into a folder of static html pages. It’s not the greatest but it’s simple and pretty quick (except for image copying, only copies what’s used and one size) by using XSL to translate the XML library into HTML fast.

There is one known problem, .Mac users would probably see broken links to images because .Mac has a file name length limit that’s under the length of the image filenames that Delicious Library uses.

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